UFT Jenkins Integration training

UFT Jenkins Integration training

HPE UFT is leading software testing tool which can be used for automating any windows or the web based applications and Jenkins is a leading CI tool.

In this training, you will learn about how to install Jenkins server and trigger UFT tests from Jenkins.

We will focus on basics first and then move towards advanced concepts.

Below are the topics

  1. Introduction.
  2. Jenkins Installation.
  3. Jenkins Configuration.
  4. Installing Required plugins.
  5. Slave Machine Setup.
  6. UFT Framework updates.
  7. Keeping Machines Unlocked.
  8. Uploading test execution results to Jenkins.
  9. Creating Execution Dashboard on Jenkins.
  10. Parallel Execution of UFT Tests.
  11. Sending Parameters from Jenkins to UFT.
  12. Questions

After attending this training you will be able to install Jenkins, configure slave machines and execute UFT tests.

Prerequisite: You must know how to work with UFT before attending this training.


Duration: 8 hrs.
Session Duration: 2hrs/Session.
Location: Online
Session Days: Every Saturday and Sunday
Price: 150 USD
Enrollment: Use the Below form for enrollment.

This is not UFT training. If you want UFT or UFT Git Integration training then Please use below form for contacting me.



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