UFT Framework Development Training

UFT is one of the leading Software development platform but it’s not an easy task to develop frameworks which can easily handle the continuously changing requirements. In this training we will learn about how to create a robust UFT framework which help facilitates writing tests easily and can produce reliable results for identifying the defects quickly.

Below are the topics which will be discussed

Hybrid Framework – Writing tests in Excel

In this part we will discuss about how to create a Hybrid framework and write the test cases in UFT. We will also discuss about handling errors and generating results. By the end of this part you will be able to create your own frameworks in UFT. This framework will include both Keyword and driven frameworks.

    1. Explain how it works
    2. Create the Input excel sheet structure
    3. Create the Basic framework for executions
    4. Add Environment configuration for opening and closing application
    5. Add Error handling
    6. Add Excel handling capabilities
    7. Add Text logs
    8. Add Automated capturing of screenshots for failed tests
    9. Add Generation of results with pass fail status in the excel file
    10. Include HTML Results (UFT Run Result Viewer Results)
    11. Include Custom HTML Results – Extent Reports
    12. Writing tests

Hybrid Framework – Writing tests using Page Object Model in UFT and Excel

    1. How it works
    2. Create the Input Excel sheet
    3. Update the previous framework to Include Page Object Models
    4. Include the new UFT’s HTML Results
    5. Jenkins Integration

Total Training Time : 10 Hours of Training + 2 Hours of questions session

Cost : 500 USD (Paypal Payment).

Training is scheduled for Every Saturday and Sunday.

Please Submit your details below and I will contact you.

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