HP UFT – Brief Introduction and History


HP Unified Function testing (UFT) is a tool developed by HP for the development and execution automated testing scripts for testing of different types of applications. HP UFT has two main components, GUI testing and API testing, GUI testing is designed for writing and executing tests for applications having graphical user interface and API testing is designed for writing and executing tests for web services.

HP UFT uses, Visual basic Scripting for development and the execution of the tests.

Brief History

HP UFT was originally developed my Mercury Interactive corporation and the first version of the tool was called Quicktest professional. HP acquired Mercury Interactive in 2006 and hence the tool was updated as HP’s Quicktest professional. HP has another product which is used for testing web services called as HP Service test. By the end of December 2012 HP merged both of the products into one and finally introduced HP UFT.


HP UFT can now be used for creating and running integrated GUI and web services tests.


LeanFT is the new functional testing tool set from HP released in 2015 with UFT 12.5. As the name suggests it’s the leaner functional testing tool, Why Leaner? Because it’s not built on the heavier UFT/QTP platform.

LeanFT is the set of API’s  (Application programming interface) just like selenium used for so many year’s. These set of API’s will help, you in writing the automated tests within Visual studio and eclipse. You can Read more about LeanFT here



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