UFT Panes: Active Screen

In this article we will discuss about the Active screen pane available in HP’s Unified functional testing tool

Active Screen Pane

Active screen pane shows the snapshot of the application as it appeared during the recording of the scripts.


Open Active Screen Window

To open active screens Click View->Active Screen

What you can do within Active Screen Window

Active screen window allows to work on the application, without the need to have application open.

You can do the following, within the active screen pane

  1. You can view the state of the application, during the execution of the application. To see an active screen, click on the step in the keywords view.
  2. Insert new steps.
  3. Create checkpoints
  4. Create out values

Right click on an object, to view the options for creating checkpoints and steps.

Stop saving active screens

Active screens can use a lot of space on your hard drive. So if you want to stop saving the application information for the UFT test then

  1. Open the test and Click File->Save as.
  2. Clear “Save active screens files” checkbox.
  3. Click save button.

Let me know, if you have any questions


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