UFT GIT Jenkins Integration

In this post we will discuss about how to execute UFT tests store on Git server from Jenkins.

Read about how to save UFT tests on a Git server here

Read about how to execute UFT tests from Jenkins server here

Please make sure that you know how to save UFT tests on GIT server and how to execute UFT tests from Jenkins before reading this article.

Jenkins Job Configuration

  1. Click on create new Job on Jenkins

  2. Provide Job name, select “Free style projects” and click on “OK” button

  3. Provide your Git repository path and branch name to download the UFT test to Jenkins workspace

  4. Add the build step “Execute HP tests from file system” and provide test name as ${WORKSPACE}. If your git repository has multiple test folder’s, then you can also give ${WORKSPACE}\Folder1

  5. Build this job, UFT tests will be downloaded and executed. Your console output should look like this

You can use all of the options which are described on UFT Jenkins integration article here.

Let me know in comments, if you have any questions.


One response to “UFT GIT Jenkins Integration

  1. Hi Sumeet,

    Provided really great article on UFT, GIT and Jenkins. Which is really simple to follow for beginners like me.
    Do you have any article about sending email in HTML table format for test results from Jenkins?

    I have bat file that executes the VBS to send the test results but when I invoke the same from jenkins, I am not sure why its not executing and also Jenkins says its successful.

    Any help regarding this would be appreciated



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