How to select add-ins for LeanFt?

LeanFT Loads the following add-ins every time you open the Leanft runtime engine.

  1. Web
  2. WPF
  3. WinForms
  4. StdWin
  5. SAPUI5
  6. Insight

Because LeanFT loads all add-ins every time, it might cause the system slowdown. As of now there is no GUI for selecting add-ins in LeanFT.

To select the add-ins, open the Leanft’s settings either from the windows taskbar or directly open the file “LFTRuntime.exe.config” from the installation folder of LeanFT.

LeanFt Settings

Once you open this configuration file it will look like this

<?xml version="1.0"?>
 <sectionGroup name="leanft">

<section name="connection" type="HP.LFT.Engine.Configuration.CommunicationServerConfiguration, HP.LFT.Engine"/>

<section name="core" type="HP.LFT.Engine.Configuration.CoreConfiguration, HP.LFT.Engine"/>

<section name="replay" type="HP.LFT.Engine.Configuration.ReplayConfiguraiton, HP.LFT.Engine"/>
 <startup useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy="true">
 <supportedRuntime version="v4.0" sku=".NETFramework,Version=v4.5"/>
 <add key="log4net-config-file" value="log.config.xml" />
 <add key="log4net.Internal.Debug" value="false"/>
 <!--LeanFT Runtime Engine Settings After modifying these settings, restart the LeanFT runtime engine.-->
 <!-- Connection port and mode. Possible values for mode: - AcceptLocalConnectionOnly - Accepts connections only via the local computer (recommended) - AcceptOnlySecuredRemoteConnections - Accepts remote connections with server certificates. For details, see the LeanFT Help. - AcceptNonSecuredRemoteConnections - Accepts all connctions both remote and local. Use at your own risk. This is a potential security threat. -->
 <connection port="5095" mode="AcceptLocalConnectionOnly">
 <!-- If using a remote connection, uncomment the security element below and set one of the following values and the relevant file path. - Ssl2 - Ssl3 - Tls - Tls11 - Tls12 -->
 <!--<security encryptionType="Tls11">
 <certificate filePath="MyCert.pfx"/>

 <!-- This section lists the LeanFT technology support that loads with the runtime engine. Comment an entry if you do not want to load it.-->
 <addin name="Web"/>
 <addin name="WPF"/>
 <addin name="WinForms"/>
 <addin name="StdWin"/>
 <addin name="SAPUI5"/>
 <addin name="Insight"/>
 <!-- The IdleShutdownTime represents the idle time (in minutes) after which the runtime engine will exit and release the license. -->
 <IdleShutdown IdleShutdownTime="240"/>
 <!--To run on a non-Web test remotely during a disconnected RDP session, uncomment and set the credentials below. Use the PasswordEncryption.exe to encrypt the password. For details, see the LeanFT Help. -->
 <!--<RDPConnection username="JohnDoe" encryptedPassword="somepassword"/>-->

Navigate to the “SupportedAddins” section and comment out any technologies you don’t want LeanFT to load. For e.g. if you don’t want to load WPF add-in then the section will look like this

<addin name="Web"/>
<!--<addin name="WPF"/>-->
<addin name="WinForms"/>
<addin name="StdWin"/>
<addin name="SAPUI5"/>
<addin name="Insight"/>

Make sure that you don’t delete anything, because uncommenting is easier.

Let me know, if you have any questions.


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